Sunday, 16 July 2017

Birthday Nail Art

Happy Birthday to me!! (Well it was my birthday on the 28th June)

I thought I'd create this gorgeously cute birthday cake as an accent nail.  I love it!!  Unfortunately I was really quite unwell on my birthday this year, so I didn't particularly enjoy it, but never mind.  I am now 26!! Where is the time going, it's madness!!  Every year seems to be slipping by so quickly.  I remember always being told as a little girlby my mum that birthday's aren't so exciting when you get older, but I refused to believe it and always said no, they'll always be exciting!  Well, as usual, my mum was right.  Birthday's just aren't the same anymore :( Less presents, less cards, and just the fear of getting older and not having done things!!  I am sure there are many people out there that do still enjoy their birthdays!  Let me know if that's you!
Dee .x.

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