Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Summer Pastel Polka Dots

I actually created this design around Easter time, but realised when I looked back through my pictures that it is maybe more summery than Eastery.  I love pastel colours and think they look so pretty with any outfit and are perfect for this time of year.  (If only we had more sunshine!)

This is a really easy design to create, as long as you have a dotting tool.  There are however several other things you can use as a dotting tool, which you can find around the house if you don't have one. 
- A pin with a balled end.
- A cotton bud with the cotton cut off
- A hair slide

For a step by step to this manicure please see my Easter chick nail design (you can find this on my tutorials page.)  The best part about this design is using the 3 colours for the dots to paint on your other 3 nails.  I wouldn't use any more than 3 colours.  
If you create this design, please send me your photos on Facebook or Twitter :) .x.

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