Sunday, 7 July 2013

Feather Pedicure

This is my first post of a pedicure as I don't really like taking photos of my feet, however I was really pleased with my most recent design so I had to post about it.

Here is my Summer Feather Pedicure. . .
This is a really quick and easy design to create.  You don't need any particular tools for this design, just your basic nail polish and black, white and silver nail stripers.  (You can add some glitter too if you want to make your design shiny.)

Step by Step
1. Paint your nail with your base colour (I chose a light pink)
2. Use your silver nail striper to paint a thin silver line from one corner of your nail to another corner.
3. Take your white and black nail stripers to create small strokes starting from the bottom of your silver line.  Make these strokes thinner as they get nearer to the top of your silver line.
4. Repaint the silver line and add some silver glitter along the line to create a nice shiny, summery look.
5. Apply your favourite top coat to seal in your design and to add a gloss.

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