Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tribal Nail Art

I have chosen to do a tribal design this week as I am starting teaching my nail art classes again this week and I am going to be teaching tribal/aztec designs.  I love tribal and aztec as it is very in at the minute and a lot of the fashion is based around this pattern.  My design has been inspired by +cutepolish.  She does amazing designs, and this is one of my favourite.  I love the combination of the pastel colours with the black detail.  I hope you like this design.  Please leave comments below.  

I have added a new nail tip to my nail tips page, so please feel free to have a look.  It is about avoiding smearing your nail art (which unfortunately I didn't take my own advice with this design) I was in a bit of a rush, so it has slightly smeared as I applied my top coat.  Check it out :)
More pictures of my design
Dee .x.

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