Monday, 8 December 2014

Gold Leopard Print Nail Art

Hey :)

I haven't posted in a couple weeks as it's been quite mad recently.  Last week was my last week at my job and then I started my new job on Wednesday and am absolutely loving it so far.  Hence not having time to blog.  Last week I had a silver quatrefoil design on my nails, so I didn't bother posting it as I have done 2 quatrefoil designs in the past.
This week I have created a gold leopard print design, which is so easy and I absolutely love it.  Leopard print is probably one of my favourite designs to do as it's so easy, looks amazing and can be done with a variation of colours.  Please see my tutorial page to find out how to create a leopard print design.  This leopard print is slightly different, as I have not created the dots in the middle.  I have just created c shapes which would normally outline the leopard print.  I think this design looks almost stamped or done with nail foils, but it's all freehand.  Hope you like the design.  Don't forget to comment to let me know what you think :)
Dee .x.

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