Sunday, 22 March 2015

Rose Nail Art

Hey :)

This week I have created a rose design that are kind of cartoon/pop art style.  I love how simple roses are to do.  This design did take quite a while to do, as there are a lot of roses on each hand.  You could do this design in any colours you like, I love how girly this design is with the pink and purple.  I used a cocktail stick to add the fine detail onto the roses.  A good tip for doing this is to wipe off the polish on the stick every time you paint a little bit, so the varnish doesn't go all gloopy and stringy, and also it helps you to keep your lines thin.  I have done a tutorial before on roses, so please check that out on my tutorial page.  I hope you like this design.  I'd love to see your recreations, so please share these with me.
Dee .x.

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