Monday, 13 July 2015

Pineapple Nail Art

This week I have created a perfect design for the summer.  It is the last week of term this week for me, and the last week of term always feel extra long, so I thought a summery design would get me through the week and remind me that the holidays are near.  I am lucky to be going to Turkey over the summer for 2 weeks, and feel like I definitely need the break.  I probably won't be posting much over the next 6 weeks as I don't very often do my nails in full design over the holidays, but will try to keep up with the blogging as I plan to try some new designs out.
I had a bit of a disaster with my nails this week.  Well they weren't a disaster as such, but I wasn't happy with the original colour that I chose.  I saw a pattern on the internet of pineapples with a gorgeous pink background, which I was trying to replicate.  However when the nail polish dried it didn't look anything like what it looked like in the bottle, so after about 2 hours of creating my design, I took it all off and started again with a lighter pink.  I took a picture of the first attempt, as they are fine, but just not as I wanted them.  Hopefully you will like the design, please let me see any of your recreations.  Here is the pattern in which my inspiration came from.
Final design
My original design (which I was unhappy with)
Dee .x.

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