Saturday, 11 March 2017

Polka Dot & Rose Nail Art


This is last weeks design, and I absolutely love it. Polka dots and roses are some of my favourite go to designs, and combined together is just amazing.  This could be done with any colours too, I just liked the contrast of the black and white with the red roses.  They possibly could have been nice for Valentine's Day too.  I think design almost looks quite pop art inspired, because of the outlining of the rose in black.  What do you think? 

This design did take some hours to do though, because I hadn't really thought it through first.  I started with a white base and did the black polka dots (to get them evenly spaced,) however, when I went to do the red roses, unfortunately, the red wasn't opaque enough to cover the polka dots (luckily I discovered this on the first nail so I didn't end up ruining them all.)  So what I ended up doing was painting the rose in the corners with white polish to cover up the black polka dots, then going in with the red polish on top.  This worked really well, but it was just so time consuming. This also meant that because of the white base, it really made the roses pop and look very vibrant.  So that's my tip for if you try this design, or simply do the roses first, then fill in the gaps with the polka dots. (I am just too OCD for this because I know the dots wouldn't look symetrical.)
Dee .x.

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