Monday, 5 June 2017

Blue Rose Nail Art & Collab


I bring you yet another collab!! This one was with the amazingly talented Sarah @25sweetpeas.  Her nail art is simply amazing.  When we decided to collab together, we had to choose what collab to do.  We both settled with doing a mani swap.  This is where she chooses one of my designs to recreate and I choose one of hers.  I've never been great at making decisions, but oh my, this was so tricky.  Her designs are all incredible, and I wanted to recreate all of them!!  I did however finally decide on the blue roses, and I am so so happy with them.  Sarah chose to recreate my purple daisies, which I actually did for my previous collab, so go and check that out.

Don't forget to check Sarah out too. Her website is linked below and you can find her on facebook, instagram and twitter by searching @25sweetpeas
Dee .x.

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