Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Polka Dots & Flowers Nail Art

I am super excited because tomorrow I start teaching my nail art workshop to my students at my work.  This is why I have created yet another nail art design this week.  Not only did I want my nails to show the designs I will be teaching, my previous design got mega chipped and just looked awful.  I did however get lots of compliments on my most recent design.
I love how simple this design is to do and it only requires a dotting tool.  You can also use any colour variations.

Here is my design.  Let me know what you think :)
All you need to create this design is:
3 Different Colour Nail Polishes
Green Nail Polish to create the leaves
Large Dotting Tool
Small Dotting Tool

I didn't create a nail art tutorial for this because I created a flower and polka dot tutorial previously.  Please see my tutorial page for these.  To be honest, these are so easy to create they don't really require a tutorial.  To create the leaves, simply take a small dotting tool dipped in green nail polish, create a dot and drag the dot outwards until you have a point.

Here are some other pictures of my design
Dee .x.

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