Monday, 5 October 2015

Vine Nail Art


I am a bit behind with my blogging. This is actually last weeks design, but I have only just had chance to upload it.  I knew I wanted to create this design however I didn't know which combinations of colours to do.  I started by doing a burgundy background with gold detail, however, for this time of the year it didn't look right.  It would be great for a Christmas design.  Then I couldn't decide whether I wanted to do pink or mint green, so I did one of each to see which I preferred.  Turned out I liked them both as much as each other, so I decided to do alternate nails.  I love how this design turned out.  It is also extremely easy to recreate.  All you need is a fine nail art brush to create this design.  Start with 3 lines, then add little lines coming off, going in the opposite direction.  Simple!!  I haven't created a nail tutorial for this, as I think it's pretty easy to copy, however if you'd like me to create one, then let me know in the comments below.
I hope you like this design and will recreate it for yourselves.
Dee .x.

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