Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Scalloped French Manicure


So it's that time again when I bring you another amazing collab.  This time I teamed up with @paintedbybrooklyn, who is an amazing nail artist, and like me, does it as a hobby, not as a job.  I knew when I found Brooklyn on Instagram that I would definitely want to collab with her, as I think her style of painting is similar to mine.  We both came across this design by a lady on YouTube whose channel I will link here  We're both a fan of hers as her nail art is amazing.  Go and check them both out.

I love how perfect this design is for summer, and it's really elegant, and subtle, and would be perfect for a summer wedding.  This is a really nice and interesting take on a basic French Manicure design, and I suppose it could be done with other flowers, or different colour roses too.
Dee .x.

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