Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Caviar Beads!!

Caviar Beads are available in loads of different colours.  I prefer to use the beads on just one or two nails so that they stand out.

Step by Step:
1. Paint your nail for the beads with one coat of nail varnish.

2. When dry apply top coat and immediately pour the beads over your nail until it is all covered. (This will be need to be done over a bowl so that you can put the beads back and you don't waste any)

3. Press down the beads until they are all stuck and the excess ones will fall out.

4. When completely dry place another layer of topcoat over the beads.

Note - This design will only last about 2-3days as the beads will start to fall off.

This is a great fun design to create and pretty quick too :)  Enjoy! .x.

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