Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Newspaper Nails!

I know I tend to say this about all of my designs, but this really is such an easy design to create.  You can also create this design using a Chinese newspaper which looks just as good. :)

All you need to create this amazing nail art is:
Alcohol (Vodka or I use Tequila because I don't have Vodka)
White Nail Polish
Base & Top Coat

Tip 1 - When cutting up your bits of newspaper for this design, try to choose bits of text with the same font (as you can see from my picture 2 of my nails are darker than others.)  It would look better if it was all the same font.
Tip 2 - Cut pieces of text without a line blank (paragraph) because otherwise you end up with a big gap in your design.
Tip 3 - Nails must be COMPLETELY dry before starting with the newspaper.

Step by Step:
1. Make sure you have 10 (+a few extra in case of mistakes) bits of newspaper cut up ready to use.

2.  Paint your nails with a white base colour. (It will probably need 2 coats to cover the nail completely.)

3. Ensure nails are thoroughly dry.  Take a piece of newspaper and dip it into your alcohol.(Covering all the newspaper.)  Straight away place the newspaper onto your nail and hold it in place for a few seconds, rubbing the surface. (Do not move the newspaper when it is on your nail or the pattern will smudge)

4. Slowly peel off the newspaper and you should be left with the newspaper print on your nail.

5.  Leave nails for quite awhile before applying top coat, because otherwise the ink will smear.

Although this is an easy design to create, it is difficult to try and explain step by step.  At some point I intend on taking photos of my step by step to help illustrate it.

Please post your photos to me if you try out this design.  If you need any other tips then please comment and I will reply.  It takes practise so don't give up! :) .x.


  1. WOW wonderful idea! I tried at at my friend's house and it turned out great!!!

    1. I am so pleased it turned out well :) It takes a bit of practice to get it right.