Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Ombre Nail Art

This is my ombre effect nail art!!  This is by far my favourite design, because of how easy it is & I love the summery colours!!  This design is created purely using a make up sponge.  You can use any shape sponge, however I personally prefer to use a triangular shaped one because it is easier to paint and to use.

Step by Step:
1. Cut your sponge to roughly the size of your nail.
2. Paint your nails with a base colour of white (It doesn't matter too much if it doesn't look perfect because it will be covered up.)
3. Wait until your nails have thoroughly dried.  Open all 3 of your nail polish colours, so that they are easy to use quickly. You will need to work fast with this design.
4. Paint a stripe of each colour onto the sponge.  Dab the sponge onto paper (if you don't want the ombre to be too dark.)  Starting from one side of your nail, dab the sponge onto the nail and continue all the way across the nail.
5. (You will need to repeat step 4 for every nail!)  This could create the ombre effect!!  Finish the design off by using your favourite top coat.  This will blend the colours and create a nice glossy look.

How simple is that?!  If you try this design out, please Post your photos on Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter as I would love to see them :) .x.

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