Saturday, 26 March 2016

Pink & White Polka Dot Nail Art


I LOVE POLKA DOTS! This is always a design I can rely on when I am struggling with either lack of inspiration or time.   I tend to not do full on designs during my half term break from work, unless of course I have an occasion, so I like to stick to something simple like plain with glitter, a french manicure, polka dots or roses.  These are all such easy designs and can be varied up with whatever colour you fancy.  With it being Easter, I wanted to do a pastel colour, and I couldn't decide which, so I decided to go for my favourite nail colour...PINK!!  Who doesn't love pink nails eh?!  I love the accent nail on this too, where I have just switched the colours around.  I hope you love this like I do!!
Dee .x.

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