Sunday, 17 April 2016

Watercolour Nail Art


Here is my design from last week.  I saw a background on Pinterest which I absolutely loved which was a watercolour pattern and thought it would be an ideal design for nails.  I am sure I saved the image onto my laptop, however I know can't find it to show you where my inspiration came from.  I shall keep looking, and can always update my post later.  This is such an easy design to create, as it doesn't have to be neat and you could do this design with virtually any colours.  All you need is 3-4 normal nail polishes, nail polish remover, tin foil, a nail art brush, warm water & a tissue/cotton pad.

Step 1 - Paint all of your nails with a white base (1 coat is fine - even if it isn't that opaque it won't matter)
Step 2 - Apply a fast drying top coat (I use seche vite) to dry the base, as you don't want it blending in with your other colours later.
Step 3 - When your nails are dry, have a bowl of warm water ready, some tin foil & some nail varnish remover in a small container (you could use the lid of the bottle)
Step 4 - Take one of your colours and place a small amount of nail polish onto the piece of tin foil.  Take your clean nail art brush and dip it in the nail polish remover and add some of the nail polish remover to the nail polish on the tin foil (this will water down the colour, and should make it become thin - if it's still thick, then add some more nail polish remover)
Step 5 - Use the brush to paint some of the colour onto your nail in any random way you like.  When you have placed the colour in the way you like on your nail, then dip your brush back into the nail polish remover & gently apply to the nail to smear the colour and make it less of a bold colour.
Step 6 - Clean the brush in the nail polish remover, wipe off with a cotton pad, and clean with the warm water & dry before going in with your next colour.
Step 7 - Complete these steps for all of the colours & until you're happy with your design.  If you feel that 1 particular colour needs to be more bold, then go back over the colour, adding less acetone this time.
Step 8 - Finish the design off by adding a fast drying top coat to each nail (DO 1 NAIL AT A TIME FOR BEST RESULTS)
I then did this design the week after with different colours & a glittery top coat.  I love it!!
Let me know which colour combination is your favourite, & if you try it yourself, please don't forget to share it with me on my social media.
Dee .x.


  1. So pretty all. I love them. Thanks for sharing !

    1. Thank you so much! Appreciate it. Lots more pretty designs to come every week x