Monday, 4 July 2016

Pastel Stripes Nail Art


I've just got back from a lovely week in Germany with my amazing form.  They were so delightful and felt that I've got to know them better.  Despite being absolutely exhausted, I still had time to do my nails.  I tried a couple of different designs this week, but nothing really worked, so I went for a more simple design using pastel colours.  I am often inspired my clothing, or something i've seen on Pinterest for my nail art, however this week, I purely made this up myself.  It sort of reminds me of when I do a zebra print design.  I also think this design could be created using a fan brush, however I just used a normal thin brush.  I used a white base and 4 colours: pink, purple, yellow and blue.  I hope you like this design, and try it out for yourselves.  I also think using a different colour base instead of white, may look good too.
Dee .x.

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